Office desks - DRIVE

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Office desk Drive
Drive is an Electric height regulation desk which allows for customized standing or sitting positions and is a great ergonomical solution. The electrical height regulator, located underneath the work surface, simplifies changes in positions depending on one's office needs. Changing position during long working hours increases work effectiveness, productivity and health.
To create an intimate climate, Drive allows you to add accoustic panels. There are two types of accoustic panels which fit perfectly both horizontally and vertically to the worktop.
Drive bench gives the opportunity of quick and easy adjusting to individial needs without compromising on functionality and space. Each work counter has its own individual mechanism which Works independently. Drive bench can be equipped with fabric panels to divide a work surface for more privacy. Dividing the work surface does not, in any way, reduce the access to the horizontal cable management underneath the work top.
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Brand: MDD


Warranty: 24 months


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