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 THE MECHANICS OF COMFORT Spirit features a dynamic synchro mechanism for adjusting the seat (up to 4°) and back angle, lockable in 11 positions with anti-shock system. The tilt tension can be adjusted by a practical side handle, according to the user’s weight. ASSISTED MOVEMENTS Spirit seat moves in tune with its user. Adjustable depth up to 50 mm of travel, lockable in the desired position, Spirit seat can also adapt to the user’s movements with the option “free”, activated with the second position of the lever. FREEDOM Spirit was designed as an actual instrument to work in total freedom, ensuring utmost comfort. For this reason, “Freedom” was patented, a particular mechanism which allows perfect adherence of the back to the user’s movements. This dynamic system consists of a thermoplastic rubber joint introduced inside a shell made in auxiliary resin that,  working in constant torsion, naturally and precisely adapts to the body’s rotation towards the right or left.
COMFORTABLE AND HEALTHY Spirit seat and back feature an ergonomic pad in flexible polyurethane, crushproof, ideal for those who must sit for extended periods at work. To ensure proper posture and reduce muscular fatigue, Spirit is equipped with lumbar support with adjustable height to ensure suitable support at the base of the spine. In the executive version, Spirit also features a headrest that can be tilted back or forward to ensure the proper support of cervical vertebrae.
SIMPLY ELEGANT Thanks to its linear and elegant shape and the wide range of upholsteries and finishes available in different colours, Spirit is also ideal for more complex spaces. Spirit is available in the classic version with shiny upholstery and in the trendier version with black finishes.
AN ERGONOMIC COLLECTION From the executive model with adjustable headrest to the manager and meeting versions: Spirit collection offers a wide range of products. Different types of armrests, bases and casters offer the possibility to choose the most suita​

Brand: Sitland


Warranty: 24 months
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