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Q.5 is the right solution for indoor and outdoor environments. Q.5 is made of a polypropilene shell available in 6 different colours: pearl white, moss grey, green, black brown, taupe, sky blue and the new white fireproof. The chromed rod structure allows the stacking up to 5 pieces, making it easy to use and to store. The version with a round and upholstered Pad, which can be fixed to the seat is useful to better the comfort of the seat. Coloured and lively, Q.5 with 4 chromed legs can be easily located inside all kind of furnishing. Multipurpose chair: at home, bar, office, hotel, in-outdoor use. Strong, stackable, light and
customize Q.5, by matching all the available colours for the shell together with the structures (white or black painted and chromed) is full of versatility, functionality and design. Q.5, versatile and light, find a specific and original characterization with the wooden legs structure. The plastic shell meets the brightness of the oak wooden legs in natural or Moka finishes and make it an object of design with a high aesthetical value. The welcoming shell and compact shell make Q.5 a comfortable seat but at the same time practical for a daily use. Q.5 chairs suggested for bar, hotels and all modern community spaces.​

Brand: Quinti


Warranty: 24 months
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