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BASIC is an optimum and economical system of cabinets and shelves, with body available in 3 colours: aluminium, white and anthracite. The cabinets are available in the width of 800 mm and in three OH heights. The range is complemented with special cabinets such as a wardrobe, a tambour cabinet and a printer stand. By adding clear or frosted glass doors, one can build display cases. Simple construction and classic design make it possible to combine this furniture with other systems.
BASIC pedestals can be mobile or fixed. The body of the pedestal is made of MFC available in three colours: white, aluminium or anthracite. The top drawer contains a removable pencil case for arranging office supplies. Among fixed pedestals, we offer pedestals for extending desk space with or without overhanging top.​

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Brand: MDD


Warranty: 24 months


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