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Ergonomic office desk Talos

TALOS business ergonomic is a new product in the world of desks. Unique desk dizajn allows you to work with the full energy for long hours. Special Ergoline edge is designed to prevent pressure on your forearms and allows you to keep your hands comfortably on the desk.

Table top with sprayed surface comes in white or black color. Desk is soft and very pleasant to touch.

TALOS is electrically height adjustable desk and allows you to change possitions from sitting to standing and therefore keeps your spine in balance. 

The table movement is quiet and even. The cables are led through the cable entry and stored in the cable holder. This solution eliminates the problem of tangled cables.

TALOS can be fit with interesting features such wireless phone charging to which special phone cases are available to additionally purchase for Iphone 4, 4S, 6, 6S, 7 or Samsung Galaxy S3, S4.

TALOS sizes:





Other sizes are available for project orders.

Brand: JC


Warranty: 24 months
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