Gaming desks TALOS

Gaming desks TALOS

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+ to stamina, HP, agility, or vitality? For that there´s the Talos gaming desk! Don't raise the attributes only to your RPG heroes, but also to yourself!​

For hardcore PC gamers, we developed an ideal ergonomic desk with adjustable height, thanks to which you will be not only raising the level and attributes to Your in-game hero, but also to yourself.

We at J.COULTURE are PC gamers ourselves and therefore we created a sitting-standing desk, that allows you to burn more calories and thanks to the ERGOLINE edge will be your forearm and wrist in the optimal position.

Fully adjustable Monitor arms will help you to keep your head and eyes ideally positioned and raise your concentration.

The Talos gaming desk will help you dominate in every game.


Every desk is available with aluminioum cable management and cable holder in black color which hold and hide cables under the desk top. Choose the option of  controler such a simple controler with the option to move desk up or down or controler with memory and display. Built in wireless charging option is also available for any smart phones with QI technology. For smart phones without Qi technology you can purchase special phone Cases which allows your smart phone to charge wirelessly. (Available only for Iphone 4, 4S, 6, 6S, 7, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4)



Talos gaming desk with table top in white matte color with ergonomic Ergoline edge and cutout. Frame is in white finish.


Talos Gaming Desk sizes:







Brand: JC


Warranty: 24 months
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